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Celebrating 27 years in 2022!

Project:  Fiber-Optic Cable Installation

Provided all procurement and construction for the survey and electrical installation segment of the Video Surveillance System.

  • Provided on-site survey of existing fiber optic backbone to establish present layout and routing of fiber optic system.
  • Properly identified all locations where utility poles were to be installed.
  • MEITEC coordinated with Louisiana One Call for placement of all utility poles to be installed under this project. Installed eight (8) Class I, 80 foot (80’) utility poles, eight (8) Class I, 60 foot (60’) utility poles and fourteen (14) Class I, 50 foot (50’) utility poles.
  • Installed ten thousand feet (10,000’) of 3/8” messenger cable.
  • Installed ten thousand feet (10,000’) of twelve (12) fibers, multimode, in a loose tube bundle.
  • Provided all electrical power to the camera support equipment.
  • Assisted Louisiana Video in the installation of the twelve (12) Video Cameras and support equipment.

This project peaked at twelve craftsmen and one subcontractor.

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