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Project:  Ensco "64"

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Complete replacement of all electrical & instrumentation systems on a Le Tourneau Class Jack-up Drilling rig.

Prior to construction, MEITEC’s staff performed a comprehensive survey of existing electrical systems and arrangements. After review of these existing systems, MEITEC made recommendations for all modifications and upgrades with respect to operational, as well as regulatory considerations.

MEITEC was responsible for the electrical engineering design of all cable tray systems, lighting and routing of all power and control cables. MEITEC also verified proper sizing and type of all power cables. Prior to installation and termination of all control wiring MEITEC’s onsite engineering staff reviewed all vendor drawings, and made modifications where necessary to ensure proper control, and sequential operation of all systems. As new design requirements were identified throughout the project, MEITEC’s engineering staff incorporated these modifications to the respective power and control systems. Additionally, MEITEC designed and fabricated numerous control and power panels.

New electrical systems installed included: SCR switchgear, MCC’s, main generator power and control, emergency generator power and control, engine cooling, jacking leg power and control, all drilling requirements (draw works, rotary table, top drive, transverse and longitudinal skidding, BOP, HPU, drill water, MD Totco), derrick, high and low pressure mud handling, and monitoring, high pressure cement, seawater, ventilation, rig air, emergency shutdown, machinery alarm, watertight doors, fire and gas detection, 24VDC, rig lighting, telephone/PA, and CCTV. In addition, all power, control, and specialty system requirements for the living quarters were refurbished.

Upon completion of construction, MEITEC had the responsibility to commission all electrical systems to ensure their proper operation. MEITEC also generated a complete set of electronic “as built” drawings.

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