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Celebrating 27 years in 2022!

Project:  Atwood "Hunter"

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Electrical refurbishment of 25-year old Semi-Submersible drilling rig.

Prior to construction, MEITEC’s engineering staff made several visits to the rig and reviewed the existing drawings, and rig systems to develop a scope of work, and assist in the new upgrade. The site visit incorporated extensive video and digital documentation.

MEITEC’s engineering included design of all electrical/ instrument systems. Inclusive of cable schedules, tray routing, and detailed termination drawings. To keep an accurate account of all cable information and to expedite tracking, MEITEC built an extensive and comprehensive data base system. This data base and electronic “as built” documentation was submitted to Atwood at the completion of the project.

In order to achieve the aggressive construction schedule, MEITEC assembled an eight (8) person project management team consisting of a Project Manager, Construction Manager, QA/QC Manager, Administrative Assistant, Project Engineer, Electrical Designer, Scheduler/Planner and Purchasing Agent.

This staff was responsible for design, document control, tracking, scheduling, planning expediting material, cost forecasting, quality assurance and control/coordination of subcontractors, and various other crafts.

MEITEC’s engineering, design, and construction also included one (1) new draw works motor, along with modifications to two (2) existing draw works motors, new emergency generator power, new mud monitoring system, new fire and gas detection, new and refurbished ventilation, new communications, new CCTV, revised lighting, refurbishment of MCC’s, and SCR’s, as well as ESD and 24VDC modifications.

MEITEC was responsible for demolition.

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