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Project:  Noble "Johnnie Hoffman"

Project Images

Summer 2007 shipyard project.

Prior to construction, MEITEC’s staff made a visit to Ciudad Del Carmen, and subsequently to the rig and reviewed the existing drawings, preliminary new drawings and rig systems to develop a scope of work, and assist in the new upgrade. The site visit incorporated extensive digital documentation.

MEITEC’s engineering included design of various electrical/instrument systems. Inclusive of tray routing, bulkhead penetrations, detailed termination diagrams, and lighting plans.

MEITEC’s engineering, design, and construction included removal of electrical facilities for a new draw works, addition of a 5th SCR bay, new 1,500 Kva transformers, modify rig lighting, helideck lighting, modify/add wiring for the jacking systems, 3rd draw works motor, and top drive. New solids control module. Remove two mud pumps and install three, plus a new charging pump.

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