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Celebrating 27 years in 2022!

Project:  Frontier "Driller"

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Electrical refurbishment of 30-year old Semi-Submersible drilling rig.

Prior to construction, MEITEC’s engineering staff made a visit to Invergordon, Scotland, to the rig and reviewed the existing drawings, and rig systems to develop a scope of work, and assist in the new upgrade. The site visit incorporated extensive digital documentation.

MEITEC’s engineering included design of all electrical/instrument systems. Inclusive of cable schedules, tray routing, SCR room arrangements, detailed termination drawings, and one-line updates. DNV classed. MEITEC’s engineering, design, and construction included four EMD 2,190 kW generators, generator switchgear, new SCR’s, 2– 4000Kva transformers, 14 MCC’s, 37 panelboards, revise accommodations voltages to 120Vac, modifications to fire & gas detection, PA/GA, lighting, convenience receptacles, new LAN/WAN, TVRO, CCTV,

ESD, 24VDC, telephone system, ballast control, level control, HVAC, ventilation, 12 point pre-laid mooring system, Koomey unit, added 4th mud pump and accompanying charge pump, new Woolslayer derrick, ROV unit, and current meter. New modular accommodations/offices, shaker house with shaker/auger and centrifuge, 2-lifeboats, 1-chase boat, and 86’ octagonal heliport. Modify watertight door detection system, and leak detection system.

New wiring for the top drive, DDM, draw works, Elmagco brake, rotary table, cement unit, and liquid mud tanks. All demolition was performed by Signal/MEITEC.

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